Mission & Goals

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for our people by promoting self-independence and wellness while honoring and respecting our traditions, providing stewardship of our lands, and inspiring unity and faith for future generations.


To responsibly steward the land, honor the legacy of our people, and enhance the lives of Gulkana Tribal Members.


  • Honor our Christian Beliefs
  • Preserve Our History and Heritage
  • Provide Visionary and Responsible Leadership
  • Responsibly Manage Financial Resources
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Maintain Integrity and Fairness in our Service Delivery to all Tribal Members


1. Create A Sustainable Village with Responsive Community Infrastructure

Timelines and tasks

  • Build an inventory of existing resources.
  • Construct a long-range community master plan that serves to provide a unified vision for the community while building and supporting recreation and housing.
  • Research extensions of water/sewer lines, roads and walkways, and electrical distribution.
  • Conduct an environmental review, structural engineering plan, and final architectural design of the transit garage.
  • Develop a community hall conceptual design with a library and a clinic.

2. Foster A Culture of Community Engagement

  • Invite tribal members to council meetings.
  • Host community meetings, and surveys for tribal member input on infrastructure projects.
  • Provide social engagement that brings tribal members together to celebrate culture and share elder wisdom.
  • Create a youth council ad hoc position and develop youth leadership.

3. Honor the Ahtna Culture, Enhance Elder and Youth Relationships, and Share Traditional Values

  • Highlight a cultural presentation at council meetings.
  • Film interviews of elders sharing their wisdom.
  • Share history and culture on the Gulkana website.
  • Highlight Tribal members on GVC website and other social media platforms.
traditional values pie

4. Provide A Safe and Secure Village Environment.

  • Research and fund a contractor for the development of a tribal court program.
  • Develop tribal court ordinances.
  • Secure funding for village policing.

5. Develop and Maintain a Sustainable Workforce and Sufficient Workforce.

  • Provide a competitive and fair wage.
  • Amend strong personnel and drug policies.
  • Hold weekly/monthly/quarterly employee meetings and new employee orientations.
  • Identify incentives and/or events for employees to express appreciation to employees.
  • Support educational goals and opportunities for advancement for employees.