Fire Fuels Reduction

Keeping our Village Safer

The mission of the Fire Fuels Reduction program is to provide safety to Gulkana Village by widening existing fire breaks around the community and removing brush around homes and village buildings. As a council, GVC has the responsibility to protect our community and property by clearing weeds, dry grass, and dead trees from our property. 

The summer workers perform manual duties such as brush cutting and felling trees. Under the direction of a project foreman, the individuals cut trees, brush, and other growth, using chainsaws, axes, and other hand tools to clear land around homes and council property. 

In the summer of 2022, the program successfully widened the existing fire break encompassing the village. The 250-foot-wide Fire Break is estimated at 38 acres and was previously 100 ft wide. It was covered in brush and overgrowth. 

During the summer of 2023, the wood will be hauled to the village and the 250-foot fire break will be brushed for accessibility of firefighting personnel if needed. It is estimated that 100 cords of wood will be available for the Wood Boiler system which provides heat to the library, community hall, administrative offices, and the Ben Neeley building.